Welcome to APE!

APE is a minimal JavaScript library for writing and developing widgets.

APE does not change the way you write JavaScript.

APE uses a global namespace, APE, which itself defines inheritance, namespacing, and IoC.



The tests mostly pass in the following browsers:

It is generally a good idea to run the test suite in the browsers you are targetting.

Getting Started

The commonly used files, APE.js, EventPublisher.js, and dom.js, have been conveniently packaged in to one rollup file, ape-ep-dom.js (< 17k minified; under 8k gzip'd).

For css-based animation, the files StyleTransition.js and Animation.js have been rolled up into anim.js (< 3k gzip'd and minified).

How APE is Built

Get a "behind the scenes" look at how APE is built: Using ANT and YUICompressor to Build APE.


APE is intellectual propertly, licensed under AFL. Please keep the copyright notice intact. You may use it as a whole, or in part, but please don't alter the copyright notice.